Our prices

P.F.C. offers a simple and transparent price model.

0 SEK/month
  • ✓ Contactless P.F.C. Mastercard® debit card
  • ✓ No extra fees or foreign transaction fee for purchases abroad. We pass Mastercard’s exchange rates directly on to you, and don’t add any fees or additional charges.
  • ✓ ATM withdrawals abroad up to 3000 SEK / month. There's a 1.5% charge after that.
  • ✓ Replacement card 95 SEK
  • ✓ Top up via Swish
  • ✓ A personal finance app
P.F.C. Premium
20 SEK/month (first month 1 SEK)
  • ✓ Withdraw up to 10,000 SEK for free while abroad
  • ✓ Block ATM withdrawals and online purchases
  • ✓ Get your card replaced for free if it gets lost
  • ✓ See and compare how much you spend from month to month, as well as the average of your monthly expenses for the last year.
P.F.C. Junior
20 SEK/month
  • ✓ Contactless P.F.C. Mastercard® debit card for your children.
  • ✓ Order as many cards as you have children, it's included in the price.
  • ✓ Notification when your child makes a purchase.
  • ✓ Freeze and unfreeze your child's card in the app.
  • ✓ The monthly fee will start when you activate the first card. Cancel the subscription at any time.
  • ✓ Replacement card 95 SEK