Our prices

P.F.C. offers a simple and transparent price model.


  • Contactless P.F.C. Mastercard® debit card
  • No extra fees or foreign transaction fee for purchases abroad. We pass Mastercard’s exchange rates directly on to you, and don’t add any fees or additional charges.
  • ATM withdrawals abroad up to 1000 SEK / month. There's a 1.5% charge after that
  • Top up with Swish
  • Replacement card 95 SEK

P.F.C. Premium

35 SEK
  • Withdraw up to 10,000 SEK for free while abroad
  • Set up to 10 savings goals
  • Block ATM withdrawals and online purchases
  • See and compare how much you spend from month to month, as well as the average of your monthly expenses for the last year.

P.F.C. Duo

for two people from
38 SEK
  • A joint Duo-account. Keep your private solo account, just like before.
  • Full joint access. Top up, spend from the account, and track transactions.
  • No extra card necessary. Both partners keep your respective P.F.C. card.
  • Get a shared overview tracking your expenses over a full year.
  • Discounted plans available
  • 12 months 430 SEK for two people (38 SEK/month)
  • 6 months 240 SEK for two people (40 SEK/month)
  • 3 months 138 SEK for two people (46 SEK/month)
  • 1 month 50 SEK for two people (50 SEK/month)

P.F.C. Junior

20 SEK
  • Contactless P.F.C. Mastercard® debit card for your children. Order as many cards as you have children, it's included in the price.
  • Notification when your child makes a purchase.
  • Download P.F.C. to your child’s phone and activate Junior mode to let the child get access to their balance and account history.
  • Freeze and unfreeze your child's card in the app.
  • The monthly fee will start when you activate the first card. Cancel the subscription at any time.

Free up to 1 000 SEK / month

After that, 1.5% fee on withdrawals


Free up to 10 000 SEK / month

After that, 1.5% fee on withdrawals

5 SEK/day

Max 60 SEK/month

For a credit of 10 000 SEK calculated with a repayment time of 12 months and a monthly interest of 60 SEK, the total amount to be paid is 10 720 SEK which gives an APR of 13.84 %.

10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 SEK/month

300-600: 10 SEK
601-800: 20 SEK
801-2000: 30 SEK
2001-5000: 40 SEK
5001-10000: 50 SEK

Reminder fee: 60 SEK after due date

100 SEK after 3 days
60 SEK reminder fee after 6 days
180 SEK debt collection fee after 14 days

95 SEK