P.F.C. Premium Beta

Upgrade your P.F.C. experience – Premium Beta is finally here! Enjoy all the Premium features listed below – 1 SEK first month, then 20 SEK per month – unsubscribe at any time.

Save extra money while travelling abroad

Your Premium subscription allows you to withdraw up to 10,000 SEK per month while you’re abroad – at no cost at all.

Dream bigger and set more goals

As a premium user, you can set up no less than 10 savings goals (while freemium users can set up only one).

Get your card replaced for free if it gets lost

The dog ate it. It ended up in the washing machine. Someone sat on it so it broke. An alien came and took it. We know how it is – even the most valuable of possessions get lost in the shuffle that is … life. Don’t worry. We’ll have your card replaced in no time and without you having to pay a single penny.

Better spending insights

See and compare how much you spend from month to month, as well as the average of your monthly expenses for the last year.

Block ATM withdrawals and online purchases

Sometimes the right (card) information ends up in the wrong hands, and sometimes the risk that it might happen is enough to cause you a headache. Lucky for you, then, that as a Premium user, you can choose to temporarily block ATM withdrawals and online purchases with a single tap in the app. You can, of course, change your mind at any time. And then change it again.