Our Mission

To simplify everyday financial use, while making it more personal and transparent.

Our story

P.F.C. was founded in 2012 as Betalo, building financial products and services with technology at the core. In 2018, Betalo became P.F.C. – Personal Finance Co. We believe that great technology and design will enable a better everyday experience of managing your money. An experience where financial services are both simple and personal to use, while being accessible to more people at a fair cost.

Our product

We are building a mobile-first personal finance app to help our customers attain financial well-being. We provide a personalized experience that is tailored to each user’s individual needs.

Our people

We are a team of people from many different cultures and diverse perspectives who are creating the future of banking in the Nordics. We celebrate and thrive on our differences for the benefit of each other and for the breadth of perspectives it gives us. We represent more than eleven different national origins including Sweden, Germany, Brazil, Italy, Ireland, Croatia, China, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, and the United States, a diversity of sexual orientations, and multiple beliefs and religions. And we hope that list keeps growing!