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20 money savings hacks that work!

Is your wallet empty? Spent a little over your budget?

Things don’t always go as planned. But there are a lot of things you can do everyday to get some extra cash in your account. We list 20 things you can do to start saving money today.

  1. Review your subscriptions. Do you really need HBO, Netflix, C-more, Spotify, Storytel and various magazine subscriptions at the same time? Cancel the accounts that you don’t use regularly. Go back and re-open the services that you miss and skip the ones you can live without.
  2. Cook food at home and bring lunch to work, so you don’t have to spend unnecessary money on expensive lunches.
  3. Do you have clothes, jackets, bags and shoes in your closet that you don’t use anymore? Sell ​​them online or at a flea market and put your newly earned money in your savings account.
  4. Create a budget. That way, you’ll get a good overview of small expenses that you can easily stop today.
  5. Take the bike to work! It’s cheap and good for both the environment and for your health.
  6. Pay all your bills on time, and make them automatic, to avoid billing and reminder fees.
  7. Quit your small and unnecessary spending habits. It’s common to spend small amounts on coffee, snacks and chewing gum, but it might be a habit that you can do without.
  8. Some stores have free memberships that include discounts. Take advantage of these discounts for things you still need to buy. Just make sure that there’s not an expensive membership fee.
  9. Negotiate your interest if you own your home. Contact your bank and try to negotiate your interest rate. This can save you a lot of money by the end of the year.
  10. A good way to get a salary raise is to switch jobs.
  11. Has your hair dryer or toaster broken? Compare prices at different stores before you buy. There are many sites where you can compare prices online.
  12. Do not buy items on instalment. There may be interest and fees that will make the item much more expensive in the end.
  13. Review your habits. You can save a lot of money by reducing smoking or expensive evenings at a bar.
  14. Sweden has the best tap water in the world! Do not buy bottled water in Sweden, fill up your bottle at home and take it with you. It’s free!
  15. If you want to travel, avoid dates when everyone else wants to travel. It’s significantly cheaper to travel the week before or after holidays when everyone else travels.
  16. Save money on renting an apartment or room on vacation instead of staying at expensive hotels.
  17. Cancel your gym card and work out outdoors. Remember to consult with your manager to see if you have access to healthcare benefits through your job.
  18. Buy food according to season. Fruits, berries and vegetables that are in season are much cheaper. If they are not in season, buy frozen instead of fresh.
  19. Get a debit card that has no hidden currency exchange fees and does not charge other additional fees.
  20. Create a goal for your savings. With a clear goal in sight, it’s much more motivating to skip unnecessary expenses and save that money instead.

We’d love to help you reach your goals. What are you saving money for? Getting a pet, a new car or are you planning on going on an exciting vacation? Share your thoughts and your best savings hacks in our Community


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