P.F.C. helps you manage your money.

✓ A free P.F.C. Mastercard® ✓ Instant push notifications ✓ No hidden fees

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  • Get instant notifications

    Every time you use your card, you get an instant push notification.

  • Contactless P.F.C. Mastercard®

    P.F.C. supports contactless payments, to make your life easier.

  • Travel everywhere without fees

    P.F.C. doesn’t add any fees or extra charges when you use your card abroad.

  • In-app support

    We’re here to help you. Chat with us in the app and we’ll help you out.

We are P.F.C.

You expect to be able to do almost anything on your phone. Order and pay for a taxi, shop for groceries or go to the doctor. Anywhere and at your convenience. Managing your finances should be just as simple. P.F.C. makes it that simple. With P.F.C you can keep track of your money, block your card, exchange currencies, split bills and get instant notifications.

Scan the QR code with your phone and download the P.F.C. app.

Automagic savings

We help you save money every day. Create a savings goal and set the amount you want to save. Save money every time you use your P.F.C. Mastercard® – automagically!

Convert a purchase to part payments

Did you buy tickets for a festival or splurge on your dream vacation? Convert your purchases to part payments, and pay back over time.

Groups: shared finances

Groups help you share purchases with your friends, your partner or family. Collect all your purchases in your own groups. Share your groups and invite your friends and family to keep track of all your shared purchases. Figure out how much you owe each other – and settle instantly in the P.F.C app.

Top three categories

Do you know how you actually spend your money? Learn within which top three categories you spend most money. Are your surprised or is everything going according to plan? See something you want to change? We'll help you out.

Set a budget

Set a personal budget. Track how much you spend during a week and keep tabs on what you have left to spend. Things didn't turn out as planned? You can set up a new budget at any time.

Manage your card

Activate, freeze your card, change PIN, order a new card and chat with our support - directly in the app.

Automatic categorization

Keep tabs on your what you spend your money on with automatic categorization. Do you want to spend less on eating out, or do you want to save for your dream trip – the choice is yours. Get personalised updates and data-driven insights into your personal finances.

Safe and instant

Log in with BankID and top up instantly with Swish.

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